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Delivering Event Success

With events being staged all over the UK and production deadlines to meet, award-winning events company DRP Group often needs items delivering from one end of the country to another. In order to achieve this, DRP Group, whose head office is in Worcestershire, uses another county based company, JGS Couriers. JGS Couriers, based in Stouport on Severn, has a 10 strong fleet of Mercedes vans and provides rapid response delivery of customers’ items. For the past six years, they have been delivering items such as clothes, DVDs, exhibition equipment, furniture and more for the DRP Group.

Managing director of JGS Couriers Sebastien Poligne comments: “When we courier items, often there are deadlines to be met and valuable or confidential goods to deliver safely and securely. DRP Group has an international reputation and they rely on us to represent them when we deliver on their behalf, be it to or from their London or Worcestershire sites. Reliability, efficiency and professionalism are paramount to my team at all times.”

Delivering Results Leads To International Growth

Worcestershire based JGS Couriers has now expanded its rapid response delivery services into Europe and other international destinations.

The 10 strong premium Mercedes fleet which carries anything from an envelope up to 1100 kgs has long since been delivering across the UK, but recent work has seen the company expand into international deliveries.

To date, JGS has couriered within various European countries and has seen increased enquiries for international work.

JGS Couriers Deliver A Star Service

Worcestershire based independent same-day delivery company, JGS Couriers, proudly showcase their all Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet as Midlands Truck & Van Ltd catch up with them to see how their vehicles are working for their business.

Sold by Midlands Truck & Van Ltd, John Stubbins, former Owner of JGS Couriers, was pleased to confirm that his 10 van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fleet boasted, “Outstanding performance, Design and Reliability”, and that “the three-pointed star on the front reassures our commitment to reliability to our customers”. Each vehicle will travel at least 70,000 miles per year, so having a vehicle fit for purpose is vital to this business’s customer promise.

JGS Couriers pride themselves on their levels of commitment and service to their customers. John Stubbins comments, “We vow to deliver the highest possible levels of customer service by always being punctual for collections, (our response to emergencies is often within 20 minutes), and always keeping our customers in the loop with regular updates.”

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