Getting Goods In & Out of the EU

If you need to move goods between Great Britain and countries in the EU, you will need to follow new customs and tax rules. This means a significant change for a lot of businesses. At JGS Couriers Ltd we can help, advise and deliver your goods to the EU in a secure, reliable and compliant manner.

The new rules apply to all businesses moving goods into the EU from 1st January 2021, it doesnt matter if you sell one product into the EU once a year or whether you sell into the EU every day, the volume and value of your goods is irrelevant, it applies to all businesses moving goods.

Drawing on our recent experiences in January 2021, we have been able to provide a seemless service (once the paperwork has been completed) to customers wishing to move goods into the EU . We strongly advise that you use a reputable firm much like ourselves to move goods in and out of the EU , drawing on our experience and expertise in  this area can save you time and money at the borders. Don’t foget this also applies to goods coming out of the EU and into Great Britain too.

Whether its a just-in-time manufacturing component , urgent legal document, time-critical medical item or a standard product delivery JGS Couriers operate a super reliable same day delivery from Worcester and the surrounding areas and are able to respond rapidly. We are also able to offer a complete EU export document service to ensure you have a hassle free delivery to the EU. Without a doubt we will be the fastest response from Worcester and we can collect from anywhere in the UK.

Get in touch today and ask about our time critical solutions.