Customs Clearance Service – Worcester

Brexit (that dirty word) is changing the way we do business, like it or not from 2021 there will be new customs challenges regardless of a deal or no deal outcome. 

Getting in goods in and out of the EU will no longer be the simple process it is currently and it is estimated that there will be at least a five fold increase in customs declarations required.

Unprepared businesses can expect a huge disruption in supply chain logistics with many companies predicting expensive delays in getting goods in and out of the UK. Post Brexit , starting in 2021 organisations need to determine who will pay for and be responsible for import/export clearance and accept import taxes.

JGS Couriers JGS will be able to ensure the correct commodity codes and delivery terms will be applied to your goods and this will reduce the risk of extended lead times needed to clear goods via customs. JGS will be able to support you with audit-able reports and accreditation’s to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. 

JGS Couriers based in Worcester have a robust customs clearance solution.
Get in touch today and ask how they can help you with your import and export requirements.